Tbilisoba – Tbilisi City Day

On the first weekend of October, after a successful grape harvest, Tbilisi celebrates its holiday – Tbilisoba.

As a rule, Tbilisoba lasts several days. These days the streets are filled with fun and joy, which the townspeople and of course the guests of the sunny capital of Georgia sincerely radiate.

Lots of the stage venues equipped throughout the city host music and dance groups, fairs and improvised shopping arcades eagerly sell handmade souvenirs and gifts, all kinds of attractions and entertainment venues offer to participate in competitions and folk games.

And on the central square of the festivities, according to tradition, a huge bathtub for crushing grapes is installed, where anyone can barefoot or in boots take part in this ancient process of wine production.

Various restaurants and cafes organize BBQs and treat everyone with fresh juicy kebabs and of course wine.

Different festivals such as flower and fruit festivals, rare car exhibitions and sport competitions are being held.

All museums, exhibition halls and galleries organize exhibitions of photographs, artwork and conduct free shows and tours.

In the evening, a concert takes place on the main stage of Tbilisi, in which the most popular young Georgian performers take part, and a festive entertainment program begins in all restaurants and banquet halls.

Traditionally, this holiday should be celebrated so merrily that the memories of it remain for many months, until the next Tbilisoba!

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