abrisThe tour program was developed on the based on the expectation that all the tour participants were foreigners and they only had a few days to get to know Georgia.

On the first day, the official part of the event was held – a partnership forum, after which it was necessary to plunge into the real Georgian culture as much as possible in order to feel its uniqueness, to feel the atmosphere of a real Georgian feast, to see the historical monuments of Georgia, as well as to taste real Georgian wine.

At the end of the official part, they visited one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi, where they organized a real Georgian feast with a Georgian host, who is fluent in Russian and has a great sense of humor.

The next day, the guests went to the wine region of Georgia –  Kakheti, where they saw the famous Georgian wineries. During the trip, they were taken through the wine degustations and a complete immersion in the centuries-old traditional wine production process. The most impressive part was the participation in the harvest of the most famous grape varieties Rkatsiteli and Saperavi, as well as participation in the traditional crush of grapes in satsnacheli.

The guests had a chance to open the qvevri wine jugs individually. They also baked Georgian bread and made the famous Georgian sweet.

After the vineyards, the “workers” were waiting for the covered tables under a canopy right in the vineyards, where they could taste the real national Georgian cuisine and independently open the Qvevri wine jugs buried in the ground. But what is a feast without the famous Georgian music? All day the guests were accompanied by a polyphonic chant of a Georgian male choir.

Upon their return to Tbilisi, a gala dinner was waiting for guests at one of the best Georgian restaurants, where guests could see real folk dances from various regions of Georgia. The restaurant itself is an open-air museum, where it was possible to take pictures easily.

Throughout the tour (including trasportation to / from restaurants), guests traveled with a comfortable bus with drinking water, air conditioning, as well as everything necessary for traveling short and long distances.

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